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Active Recovery Wear.

Koreleo Innovation

Here at Koreleo we bring the future of high-performance training apparel to today’s athletes and dancers.

Our patented apparel incorporates the proven benefits of medical grade compression to help reduce inflammation while protecting, supporting, and restoring muscle tissue that is often compromised by repetitive and exhaustive training.

Targeted compression where it's needed the most.


Compression Benefits 

Offers Dynamic Support

Reduces Tissue Inflammation

Increased Functional Stability

Enhanced receptor input

Accelerates Recovery

Helps flush waste and lactic acid

Increases blood and oxygen flow

Speeds warm up and flexibility

Improves the health of tendons and joints

Enhances muscle response

Active Kore Cover.png
Leo Schematic Replacement.png

Koreleo Features

20-30mmHg medical-grade support

Antibacterial and odor control fabric

Thoughtfully Made in the USA

Fully integrated & stays in place

Durable and comfortable

Proprietary compression 

Field & functionally tested


Impact absorption away from the spine


My daughter Julia suffers with back pain. She has a 19 degree curve with her scoliosis. Her orthopedic recommends compression garments and does not have any restrictions at all. She has frequent headaches from fatigue and the Active Kore really helps.

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