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Why Koreleo

Who is Koreleo for?

Whether you are an athlete, a dancer or a seasoned instructor, we are all aware of the physical and sometimes painful demands that occur with elite and professional preparation.

Over the past 30 years, the skills have become more challenging, the training hours have increased, and the recovery times have shortened, yet the basic workout leotards have remained the same.

Now, athletes from various disciplines have an unprecedented option that controls pain causing back inflammation, measurable relief for hypermobility and may even prevent certain injuries.


About Us

Meet The Woman Behind it All

I am a mom and parent of a former collegiate gymnast. For years my daughter endured daily gym commutes, demanding workouts, and nagging injuries that I’m sure you can relate to.

We know that continuous preparation for any elite athlete is strenuous on the body. It became my mission to develop and integrate a medical grade textile that is targeted to the lumbar and core region of a leotard in an effort to provide the proven benefits of compression. When rest and ice aren't an option, compression can truly help.

As a former athlete, and the mother of an athlete who refused to give up the sport she loved, I’d like to introduce you to my heartfelt innovation - Koreleo. Exceptional support in all the right places.

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