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  • Is the level of Compression the same in every style?
    Yes and no. The Active Kore and the Kore Impact are designed with a solid band that wraps around the entire torso allowing for the best support. The medical compression measurement is between 20-30mmHg. My proprietary fabric is used in all of the Koreleo's however in the Leo Lock style, the cut outs reduce the amount of compression sensation. I've learned from my early production runs, that while it's nice to have trendy aesthetics, it's best to put function and performance first.
  • Will I become dependent on training with compression?
    This is a common question from coaches and athletes. The bottom line, no. Compression integration is far from a brace. It serves to allow for dynamic support, meaning it moves and functions with your anatomy, rather than inhibiting movement like a cast. Think about wearing your favorite sports bra. It has some supportive benefits, but the strength of your shoulders and scapula are not compromised. What you feel is support without unnecessary movement from your chest. The medical grade textile that we use adds an elevated degree of performance. That is why professional athletes often wear compression arm sleeves, or thighs wraps when they are not injured and even while they are competing.
  • What is the GymnSkin Undergarment?
    We created the GymnSkin for those athletes who would like to compete or perform in compression under a uniform, costume or competition leo. We added a leak guard, employed high cut leg holes and a deep neck line to keep it unseen. Since the GymnSkin introduction, we have customers who have found relief for certain medical conditions as well. Of course, we recommend that you discuss any medical treatments and strategies with your physician, but we have found aid for those with scoliosis, POTs, EDS and lymphatic conditions. We have modifications in mind that will make this a more compelling option for all of our customers. Stay tuned for the next release, innovation never ceases to end at Koreleo.
  • Do I need to modify my size to accommodate for the compression bind?
    No, we've taken care of the size adjustments for you. You'll find a size chart on each individual product page. The measurements are taken from a finished flat lay garment. It's important to know that the compression panel in the torso can expand up to 4 inches in diameter and then will rebound to the torso creating a comfortable yet supportive bind. If you are familiar with gymnastics leotards, you'll need to size down compared to the most popular brand (the one that has a name with two letters :) If you are a dancer or figure skater, select the size you would wear in a full piece swimsuit. Finally, you can certainly reach out to us in the chat box or send an email and we will reply most times within a few hours.
  • What’s the difference in the Long Torso version?
    For now, the long torso option is only available in the Active Kore and the Cambre. We've extended the torso band by 2 inches which accommodates those with long torso very well. Remember, it's a long torso we're addressing, not long legs :)
  • How do I care for a Koreleo
    Our textiles are exceptional. Moisture wicking, antibacterial, and colorfast, the Koreleo can withstand sweat, chalk and even chlorine. Machine wash with like items, but avoid fabric softeners, these break down the spandex. You can even tumble dry on a low setting or lay flat to dry.
  • Is there a best time to wear the Koreleo
    We love this question. While Koreleo was initially developed to provide relief for those athletes who continue to train with painful inflammation, we have found that the preventive and recovery attributes are equally compelling. Again, consult with a physician if you have persistent back pain. We suggest that you wear the Koreleo on the most challenging conditioning day you have during the week. We also recommend that you wear the Koreleo during the session before the shortest rest cycle. So for example, if the athlete has an evening practice that is followed up with an early morning practice the next day, wear the Koreleo the evening before. If the athlete practices more than 16-18 hours per week, it would be ideal to wear compression every day. This helps keep the inflammation at bay and lets our medical grade textile do some important recovery work. Blood and oxygen will flow to the target tissue and immediately start to repair. Lactic acid is flushed from the body efficiently. And our design helps to absorb impact from leaps, dismounts and landings. For those elite athlete's who train in the upwards of 25-30 hours per week, the risk of over use and repetitive use injuries is very high. Rest and recovery is so essential to keep healthy. Consider Koreleo's everyday while you include other recovery aids such as foam rolling, ice, hydration, proper nutrition, and sound rest.
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