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The Lyra is the ideal solution for athletes who prefer an integrated body suit where the compression and back support stays in place while you train, dance, or compete. Our 20-30 mmHg proprietary textile offers exceptional comfort while reducing inflammation and speeding recovery. Wear as a standalone or throw on a pair of shorts over the shorty for added versatility. We know, it's finally time.


SKU: KL1000



    You need not make any size allowances to compensate for the compression. We've done that for you!  You'll find that our leo's will be a bit snug to get over the hips, but once on, you should experience a comfortable bind that should not compromise movement or performance. Our proprietary textile should lay flat on the front torso, with a small degree of wrinkle in the back torso. 

                    CL            AXS        AS          AM           AL         AXL

    Bust            29-31      30-32     32-34     34-36     36-38     39-41
    Waist          21-23       22-24     24-26     26-28     28-30     31-33
    Hips            30-32      32-34    35-37     37-39      39-41      41-43
    Girth           50-53      54-56    57-59     59-61      61-63      62-65
    Size              -                 2-4        4-6        8-10       10-12         14-16