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The Active Kore is where the vision began. Fundamental in design, yet packed with all of the essential compression benefits. Active Kore makes an unprecedented introduction to compression training. It’s Ideal for daily training. No glitter, no rhinestones, no frills, it’s just about getting the job done.


SKU: 0001
  • Response. Recover. Restore. Designed with 3 distinctive properties, the Active Kore offers the lower back exceptional support without compromising movement or performance. By incorporating a contoured waist, a medical grade textile, and a non-invasive side zipper, (just in.. a zipless option in Blueberry) the athlete can experience immediate support and the benefits of compression technology.  



You need not make any size allowances to compensate for the compression. We've done that for you!  You'll find that our leo's will be a bit snug to get over the hips, but once on, you should experience a comfortable bind that should not compromise movement or performance. Our proprietary textile should lay flat on the front torso, with a small degree of wrinkle in the back torso.