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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the level of Compression the same in every style?

Yes and no. The Active Kore and the Kore Impact are designed with a solid band that wraps around the entire torso allowing for the best support. The medical compression measurement is between 20-30mmHg. My proprietary fabric is used in all of the Koreleo's however in the Leo Lock style, the cut outs reduce the amount of compression sensation. I've learned from my early production runs, that while it's nice to have trendy aesthetics, it's best to put function and performance first.

Why do some styles have a side zipper?

Compression garments can be a little tricky to put on. We explored adding an invisible zipper on both the Active Kore and Kore impact. Some athletes loved the way the bind felt when zipping it up. Others however, were concerned that the zipper might be uncomfortable against their skin. We decided to place the second production run without zippers and simply explain that you have to wiggle a bit to get the leos over the hips, but once on, you should experience a comfortable bind that 'rebounds' to your torso.

Will I become dependant on training with compression?

This is a common question from coaches and athletes. The bottom line, no. Compression intergration is far from a brace. It serves to allow for dynamic support, meaning it moves and functions with your anatomy, rather that inhibiting movement like a cast. Think about wearing your favorite sports bra. It has some supportive benefits, but the strength of your shoulders and scapula are not compromised. What you feel is support without unnecessary movement from your chest. The medical grade textile that we use adds an elevated degree of performance. That is why professional athletes often wear compression arm sleeves, or thighs wraps when they are not injured and even while they are competing.

What is the GymnSkin Undergarment?

We created the GymnSkin for those athletes who would like to train in compression under their team or competition leo. We added a leak guard, employed high cut leg holes and a deep neck line to keep it unseen. At this time, we've only completed one production run. We have modifications in mind that will make this a more compelling option. Stay tuned for the next release, innovation never ceases to end at Koreleo.